meet paula (aka s.o.s. webmaven)

Hello fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit head honchos,

My name is Paula Boga – former ’80’s valley girl; California State University – Northridge and Alpha Phi alumni; current mom of 3 – ages 12, 19 & 23; very active MOT; lover of trendy teen book series’, and office supplies junkie.

I began building websites about 10 years ago when I started my own local small business and needed a site. I hired an acquaintance for a few hundred bucks and quickly learned that I could have done a better job myself! Since building my first website with FrontPage, I have moved through all of the latest and greatest tools and have currently landed in the world of WordPress. Although I still have a few Joomla based sites, I love WordPress‘ user-friendly interface and the ease with which site owners can maintain their own website once it is published.

As a small business owner myself, I understand your concerns about costs and the importance of finding a great deal of value in each dollar that you spend. I am committed to offering affordable options for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to build a successful business, as well as non-profit organizations trying to reduce costs.

The bottom line is that I really enjoy making websites; it’s my favorite creative outlet! I believe that you should be able to have a website that reflects your personality without shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars.

So, if you’d like to chat about what your vision is for your website, and find out if it something that I can help you with, then give me a call or send in a quote request form.

I look forward to working with you!